[Icecast] nicecast licence

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Sun May 15 14:44:07 PDT 2005

> Can someone clarify how Nicecast can sell a licence key and yet have xiph
> GPL software (Icecast)  as a main part of their software? Are they walking
> a fine line here? Does "Non-profit distribution of The Software is
> acceptable" mean that if you have access to licence key then you can share
> the software _and_ the key?

Icecast code is not linked to their code.  They run a icecast 1.3.x
daemon (last I checked) as a separate process.  Essentially they ship
icecast 1.3.x and just provide a friendly gui that works externally.  If
they've made modfications to icecast, those should also be public, but
last I checked, they were just using stock code.

You're perfectly free to redistribute icecast and any modifications they
have made to icecast under the terms of the GPL.  Their license can only
apply to their proprietary code.


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