[Icecast] Very slow bufferring and delay on windows media player and icecast server (sourced by m3w)

Leo Currie leo.currie at strath.ac.uk
Mon May 9 05:23:48 PDT 2005

Yedidia Klein wrote:

> I'm trying to broadcast a radio from a linux server that is coming from 
> a windows machine using m3w.
> it's working very well for Winamp and linux mplayer as client - but 
> while using Windows Media Player it's buffering for about 8 minutes then 
> it start to work well w/ a delay of 8 minutes !!

Which version of WMP are you trying this on?
How are you passing the stream URL to the player?
I'm wondering if the player is trying to download the whole file before 
playing it.... :o

As I said in a thread below, I have no problems using WMP on an MP3 
stream. http://www.radiosix.com/listen.asx


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