[Icecast] Digging Deep into the XML

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Mon Mar 28 14:41:55 UTC 2005

At 11:01 PM 3/27/2005, you wrote:
>Hey all, I’ve been working with IceCast for the last month, I’m really 
>getting into it. I’ve started developing some of my own windows based 
>reporting tools on it.  (Will be released to the public..free of course) I 
>had a few questions tho..

Just a suggestion, but programs developed using a cross platform UI library 
such as wxWidgets/wxWindows will have much greater appeal with the community.

>    * There is a problem on the windows version of IceCast, where if you 
> play a song such as Queensrÿche  (with the special char for the y) it 
> tends to make the xsl/xml self destruct.  Is there a work around for that?
Hrm, that would seem like a bug..if you can write up a bug report at 
trac.xiph.org, that would help us track it..

>    * Is there an actual file path or URL to all of the XML files that are 
> used?  Or a list to all the XML files?  Like the stats.xsl has a 
> stats.xml.  but there is no listmounts.xml or listclients.xml  anywhere.

in the case of all the admin requests they can use the XSLT interface (and 
return an XSLT transform of the XML) or use the RAW interface.   Sounds 
like you are looking to use the RAW interface.  The RAW interface will send 
all responsed in XML form.  You just need to drop the .xslt extension of 
each request to use the RAW interface (i.e. /admin/listclients, 

>One other question relating to streams.  I know we can use multiple 
>mounts, but is there a way to get more than one IceCast instance running 
>on a separate ports, Or would I have to start a whole new instance of 

icecast can bind to specific address as well as listen on multiple ports.


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