[Icecast] Digging Deep into the XML

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Mon Mar 28 16:44:25 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-03-28 at 06:01, Doc NAsty wrote:

>      1. There is a problem on the windows version of IceCast, where if
>         you play a song such as Queensrÿche  (with the special char
>         for the y) it tends to make the xsl/xml self destruct.  Is
>         there a work around for that?

What do you mean by 'self destruct', if you mean that icecast dies then
that does need to be resolved, but if you are sending non-utf8 chars and
getting junk chars out on the web pages then you can't expect any

> One other question relating to streams.  I know we can use multiple
> mounts, but is there a way to get more than one IceCast instance
> running on a separate ports, Or would I have to start a whole new
> instance of IceCast?  

You can run as many icecasts as you want, each will need separate
port(s). Also make sure you separate log files.


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