[Icecast] Digging Deep into the XML

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Mon Mar 28 09:29:39 UTC 2005

Doc NAsty wrote:

> 2.	Is there an actual file path or URL to all of the XML files that are
> used?  Or a list to all the XML files?  Like the stats.xsl has a stats.xml.
> but there is no listmounts.xml or listclients.xml  anywhere.

AFAIK, no there isn't.

> One other question relating to streams.  I know we can use multiple mounts,
> but is there a way to get more than one IceCast instance running on a
> separate ports, Or would I have to start a whole new instance of IceCast?

You can have Icecast appear on separate ports, but it will be the same 
server.  but you can alias calls on one port to point to a different mount 

As an example, I'm migrating streams which used to appear on several 
shoutcast-compatible servers onto a single Icecast2 server.  I've avoided 
having to change a bunch of m3u files and disrupt people's bookmarks by 
setting up a listen socket on each of the old ports and aliasing requests 
for "/" on that particular port to the mountpoint of the stream which used 
to live on that port.  So for example, acbradio.org:8000/cafe 
acbradio.org:7464/cafe and acbradio.org:7464/ all result in the same 


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