[Icecast] Mountpoint related..

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Sun Mar 27 17:28:41 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-03-27 at 17:09, CØñvìñÇè MÈ wrote:
> i dont know much about mount points so i assume the work with .mp3 format too

The mount details apply to the appropriate stream at that mountpoint,
whether it be mp3/ogg or even a shoutcast-mount.

> <mount>
>     <mount-name>/first.m3u<mount-name>
>     <username>first<username>
>     <password>firstpass<password>
>     <max-listeners>1<max-listeners>
>     <fallback-mount>backup.m3u<fallback-mount>
> <mount>
> now what i assume is that there are two mountpoints one is first and the other is backup. currently we are connected to first and if incase first gets disconnected it automatically moves to backup one. 
> Secondly i wanted to know how to move mountpoints from the admin panel of icecast... moving from one dj to another i.e
> If i am wrong at any point please correct me!

An m3u is a playlist format not a stream, so having a <mount> refer to
an .m3u is just wrong. The same applies to the fallback-mount, you can't
fallback to a playlist like that. I suspect you want


moving users manually from one mount to another is easy enough, just
look at the /admin/stats.xsl page


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