[Icecast] Mounting problems...

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Fri Mar 11 14:30:58 UTC 2005


ah..  I see your problem, at least the one which prevents people from being 
able to tune in.  No idea why your Winamp is stuttering though.

the .m3u filetype is a playlist type which is used to send the actual URL 
of a stream to a player so they can open it.  Chances are that Winamp as a 
player won't handle this properly anyway since it does the broken thing of 
looking at file extensions to determine what to do with a stream, rather 
than its MIME type.

but it never gets the chance to find out.  Icecast is programmed to provide 
a playlist if you request <mountname>.m3u.  Icecast seems to be assuming 
that you'd never want to call a mountpoint anything with a .m3u extension, 
so instead of finding the mount /test.m3u, it's actually looking to serve a 
.m3u playlist for the /test mountpoint.  Since there is no /test mount, it 
returns 404.

Bug?  Maybe, maybe not.  Up to the developers to decide I suppose.  On the 
one hand, it's not doing what it probably should do.  On the other hand, 
you probably shouldn't be doing that anyway.

I recommend calling it just /test or /test.mp3

BTW: Unless you're only ever going to listen to streams from your own 
machine, I'd recommend setting the hostname to something meaningful as it 
is used in these generated .m3u playlists to point back to itself so that 
listeners can connect to streams.


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