[Icecast] Mounting problems...

Xechorizo xechorizo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 13:24:33 UTC 2005


> So what DSP plugin are you using?  Oddcast?  SAM? Shoutcast DSP?  Something
> else?

Oddcast DSP v3

> Is your plugin actually connnecting to Icecast?

Yes, Oddcast tells me it's broadcasting test.m3u at ~32kb (I set it
this slow) and
Icecast sees this connection.  It also sees when others connect, but
all attempts
result in Error 404

> When your friends try to connnect, how are they doing this (i.e. are they
> typing/pasting a URL into their player, clicking on a link on a website, or
> something else)?

They are typing http://myWANipaddress:portchosenforOddcast/test.m3u

> Have you tried looking in Icecast's error log?  Does it say anything about
> the connection attempts and if so, what?

[2005-03-10  21:57:51] INFO main/main.c Icecast 2.2.0 server started
[2005-03-10  21:57:51] INFO yp/yp.c Adding new YP server
"http://dir.xiph.org/cgi-bin/yp-cgi" (timeout 15s, default interval
[2005-03-10  21:57:51] INFO stats/stats.c stats thread started
[2005-03-10  21:57:51] INFO fserve/fserve.c file serving thread started
[2005-03-10  21:57:51] INFO yp/yp.c YP update thread started
[2005-03-10  21:57:55] INFO connection/connection.c Source logging in
at mountpoint "/test.m3u"
[2005-03-10  21:59:21] INFO source/source.c Source "/test.m3u" exiting
[2005-03-10  21:59:28] INFO connection/connection.c Source logging in
at mountpoint "/test.m3u"
[2005-03-10  22:00:19] INFO source/source.c Source "/test.m3u" exiting
[2005-03-10  22:00:19] INFO connection/connection.c All connection threads down
[2005-03-10  22:00:19] INFO main/main.c Shutting down
[2005-03-10  22:00:19] INFO fserve/fserve.c file serving thread stopped
[2005-03-10  22:00:19] INFO slave/slave.c Slave thread shutdown complete
[2005-03-10  22:00:19] INFO yp/yp.c YP thread down
[2005-03-10  22:00:20] INFO stats/stats.c stats thread finished
This shows Oddcast connecting to Icecast, starting the YP thread, and
my futile attempts to have people connect.  I can broadcast seemingly
fine until they attempt a connection, and then my Winamp skips and
slows down, while they get a 404 error, and my Winamp continues to
skip until I disconnect Oddcast from Icecast.

My computer specs:

Windows 2000 Professional
Intel Celeron 766mhz
30 Gig HD
319mb Ram

I've noticed that also whenever anyone attempts connecting, my CPU
usage skyrockets.

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