[Icecast] Mountpoint problems...

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Fri Mar 11 10:01:23 UTC 2005

Xechorizo wrote:

> Alright, basically I want to be able to broadcast a single stream of
> what my Winamp is currently playing, so instead of having to send
> people a song, they can just tune into my radio.

Ok, good.  Now we know what you want to achieve.  Next, we need to 
determine how you've gone about doing this (i.e. what you've done).

> All attempts I've
> made result in them not being able to connect and my Winamp to stutter
> when it plays mp3's.  Even on lower bitrate settings, it still makes
> my songs stutter.

So what DSP plugin are you using?  Oddcast?  SAM? Shoutcast DSP?  Something 

Is your plugin actually connnecting to Icecast?

When your friends try to connnect, how are they doing this (i.e. are they 
typing/pasting a URL into their player, clicking on a link on a website, or 
something else)?

Have you tried looking in Icecast's error log?  Does it say anything about 
the connection attempts and if so, what?


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