[Icecast] Mountpoint problems...

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Thu Mar 10 05:36:58 UTC 2005


Ok.  clarification of terms here.

A mountpoint is simply what is used to differenciate one stream from 
another.  It doesn't physically exist until it is created by a source 
connecting to it, and unless you want to handle it differently from any 
other mountpoint, there's no need to define it anywhere except in the 
source client.

Here's an example (a simple one).  You and I have ownership in a co-located 
machine on a big pipe somewhere.  We decide that we both want to stream 
audio from that machine.  Since we both administer it, there's no harm in 
us both knowing the main source password.  So I configure my source to 
broadcast to ourserver.com port 8000 on mountpoint /mystation.ogg and you 
broadcast to ourserver.com:8000/yourstation.ogg.  These mounts are created 
when each of us connects and people can connect to them to hear the 
particular stream that's associated with them.

Note that you can set up mounts with different passwords or other 
parameters, check out the <mount> section in the sample configuration for 
more details, but it's only necessary to have a <mount> section if you 
actually want any of these features.

the webroot directory is used for serving stats pages and also for serving 
any other content if you have fileserve enabled.  So if you put logo.png in 
your webroot directory, you can call it with http://server:port/logo.png

Hope this helps with the terms.

As for your broadcasts, perhaps begin by telling us exactly what you're 
trying to achieve and we'll take it from there.


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