[Icecast] ezstream

Michael Smith mlrsmith at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 22:46:42 UTC 2005

On Thu, 03 Mar 2005 14:50:47 +0000, Ben Edwards (lists)
<lists at videonetwork.org> wrote:
> hi everybody.  I am involved in a Internet Radio Station in Bristol UK.
> We are using a icecast 2 server and are trying to work out what to use
> to upstream.
> Currently we are using darkice which seems to work well.  However it
> does not support playlists.
> I have looked at muse-streamer but it is currently far to unstable.
> Therefore ices or ezstream seem to be the option.  From what I can
> gather mp3/lame is not very well supported in ices2 (if atall) therefor
> ezstream seems the one to go for.  It is at a very low version.  Have
> people had success with it.  Also what is its relationship with ices2
> (i.e. pro/cons).  Is it being developed as an alternative?

Compared to ices2, ezstream is very simple - easy to set up, easy to
use. It's also much, much less featureful. ezstream supports some
formats that ices2 doesn't, though. It also runs on some platforms
that ices2 doesn't (notably windows).

If you really need mp3, you might also consider ices0, which, despite
the similar name and low version number, is a seperate program from
ices2, and is very stable and usable.


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