[Icecast] behind a router

renna renna.bh at katamail.com
Wed Mar 2 22:20:58 UTC 2005

first of all i realized i haven't properly understood what <bind-adress> is 
needed for. to "stick" the server to a particular network card? what does 
this exactly mean? do i need it?

i tried assigning to <hostname> both the internal ip of the router 
and the ip that's assigned to it by the ISP, and in either case i'm not able 
through xmms to connect to the stream, neither to nor to http://ipassignedbytheISP:8000/live

on the router i have redirected port 8000 to my ip both for tcp and for udp, 
should i change this?

btw i created a user icecast to start the icecast server and when i start it 
it gives me this error, but still starts up,
icecast at delirium icecast $ icecast -c icecast/icecast.xml
WARNING: Can't change user id unless you are root.

does this have anything to do with my problem?

thanks for the support so far

Renato Budinich
renna.bh at katamail.com

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