[Icecast] xsl, xml, ARRGH!

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Wed Mar 2 03:46:13 UTC 2005

At 09:33 PM 3/1/2005, Ethan wrote:
>  Coming from an Icecast 1 background, I tend to like the admin
>functionality of Icecast1 over Icecast2. Fixing this is but some file
>editing away, I supposed.
welcome to the 21 century...(joke)

>  I'm trying to simplify the administration screens for myself and
>  In testing, if I copy the listclients.xsl into the web directory, it
>works like I would like... almost. I get a listing of every stream on the
>server, without the client data filled in.

the xslt transforms in the admin directory do not work outside of the admin 
directory.  It's just the way it works.  Those xslt transforms in the admin 
directory operate on special in memory structures that are not contained in 
the "stats tree".  You can feel free to create your own XSLT transforms, 
but they will all operate ONLY on the main stats xml document (you can see 
this xml doc by visiting http://server:port/admin/stats)

most of the functionality of the admin scripts really don't belong outside 
the "admin context" anyway.  I could possibly see a case for listclients, 
but that is really sensitive information to most every user of icecast, so 
making that possible to view outside of admin context seems like a bad idea 
to me.

>  I'm assuming this is a permissions issue? The client information isn't
>availible without authentication?

that is correct...this information is available only to the admin xslt 

>  However, with the listclients.xsl file in the admin directory, I get no
>output if the mountpoint isn't specified on the command line. Why is the
>operation different?

well, I believe the default behavor is to require a mountpoint for this 
xslt transform.  You could modify the transform to iterate through all the 
available mountpoints, but that'd be up to you to write..

>  Speaking of which, there is an IP doodad for server statistics, what
>about a hostname one (if Icecast does reverse lookups?).

not entirely sure what you are referring to, but most statistic scripts 
that process the apache common log format will do that for you (reverse 
lookups)...making icecast do it is really just adding unnecessary 
processing if you ask me...


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