[Icecast] behind a router

renna renna.bh at katamail.com
Wed Mar 2 16:01:14 UTC 2005

i've finally managed to stream in my network with icecast and muse. in the 
iceast.xml config file i had to specify as my bind-address, my ip 
in my internal network (i'm behind a router) and from other computers in this 
network i could hear my streaming. but i would like to stream even out of my 
network. so i redirected port 8000 of the router to my internal ip, tried to 
give to a player http://ipoftherouter:8000/live  but this time it wouldn't 
work. so i tried, in the icecast.xml file, to specify as bind-address the ip 
of the router, but 

icecast at delirium icecast $ icecast -c icecast.xml
Could not create listener socket on port 8000
Server startup failed. Exiting
icecast at delirium icecast $        

and no other program is using this port:

root at delirium root # netstat -anp |grep :8000
root at delirium root #           

what am i missing? 

Renato Budinich
renna.bh at katamail.com

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