Karl Heyes karl at
Wed Jun 29 00:48:54 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-06-29 at 01:20, Michael Kamleitner wrote:

> hi karl,
> I'm aware that u are the one who should now better than me ;), but I'm
> pretty sure that I have needed these patch to make my icecast 2.2.0 work
> with an internet explorer / flash-client... what I can't say is if it really
> needed all those 4 lines, maybe first 3 lines are not necessary...
> (or maybe I'm mixing up something, but I'm really pretty sure)

It's hard to say what flash/IE needs really, the content length did seem
to be required but of course there may be other undocumented quirks. I
don't use either of them personally, so if you get hard data on the
matter then great.  

for reference, the content length is sent in format_mp3.c, 
format_mp3_send_headers, check the headers that are sent from the


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