[Icecast] DragonFly BSD icecast HOWTO

Adrian Nida nida at musc.edu
Sat Jun 18 02:55:59 UTC 2005

Dear icecast users and developers,

Please note, I have created a HOWTO that discusses how to install and configure 
icecast and ices2 to play a playlist of oggs on a DragonFly BSD machine.  You 
can review it by following the link below.  Feel free to give me any feedback 
you feel is necessary.

Also, please CC me on replies because I am not on the list.

Keep up the good work!



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With cross-post apologies...


I finally made a chance to finish my HOWTO for setting up an icecast/ices2 
server.  For those that are unfamilar with this technology, it allows you to 
stream audio across the Internet.  Please review, comment, etc.


If anyone has an idea for another HOWTO, I'm all ears.



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