[Icecast] got a question

nephish nephish at xit.net
Mon Jun 20 01:18:38 UTC 2005

Hey there, cool product,
my family and i are wanting to build a kids streaming educational radio 
station. This is the perfect thing for it.
i did the install (Arch Linux) and apparently i am serving correctly. i 
built a test  play list with four tracks into a file mystream.ogg.m3u
when i go on my computer and go to localhost:8000/mystream.ogg.m3u 
everything works great.
but when i go to the other computer on our home network, it says that it 
cannot locate the files, or does not have the right plug-in. but it 
still loads the titles in the playlist. (beep-media-player)

um... what am i missing, a permissions issue?
shawn <><

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