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Gypsy Rogers gypsy at freeq.com
Wed Jun 22 14:16:33 UTC 2005

I missed your original email. I might be willing to do this for you. How
many clients are you talking? I'm already reselling web hosting and have
Icecast running, just haven't gotten around to rolling it into my packages yet.

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I have sent this to one of my Tech service proivders
Weather he gets back to you or not i suppose is dependant
on if they want to offer that type service.
He was in my radio studio yesterday evening and we were actually speaking
specifically of this
direction with his company
so give it alittle time
and if you want me to hit him with a reminder at one point
...i can....

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We're looking at selling streaming services to our customers. Right now,
we sell Real Media services with our hosting plans. But, we're having
more and more requests for a more robust offering. That means more
features and control at a better price.

We need a wholesale provider with infrastructure tuned specifically to
media streaming. We don't care whether it is on dedicated servers or
shared. But, it must be a managed environment because it is much cheaper
to outsource the lower level tech and administrative services to the
streaming services provider.

Anybody on this list know of anyone offering these services?
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