[Icecast] About Fallback-mount and fallback-override

alex alex at mordormx.net
Thu Jun 23 14:39:47 UTC 2005

Hi there!
I have icecast 2.2.0 I have setup the icecast default mp3 mount point /stream with shoutcast dsp compatibility
Suppouse i have a couple of djs, and that the first one finish his broadcast and the second one is going to start
the users listening to the dj1 falls, so they have to reconnect to continue listening.
I saw exists 

But in the example config apply to a specific mount, does this apply to the /stream mount? if i declare this one outside of the mount area works?
Or Does exist any other alternative to keep to the users listening when exist a dj change broadcasting from another place in the world?.

And the last question.
Do you know any php script to recover the metadata and show it on a web page?
I made this one, however i think is not the best answer, may be some one out there has something.

  $handle = file("");
  if ($final<=1)
                echo "Theres no broadcast.";
        echo "<center>";
        echo substr($handle[2],7,$final);

This script just recover the data presented by the example status2.xsl takes the line when the songs name appear and delete some characters to leave just the song name.

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