[Icecast] relay icecast to shoutcast

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Sat Jun 4 23:49:57 UTC 2005

Iain Mott wrote:

> To answer your question: If the mountpoint is set to "radio.mp3" and the
> host tag is set for a local broadcast. ie.:
> <hostname>localhost</hostname> (for testing purposes), this is what
> happens when I enter "http://localhost:7000/" into a browser: The audio
> is streamed to disk under what looks like a random filename (eg
> wjgol87m).

You shouldn't enter a stream URL into your browser, because this is the 
kind of thing that will happen.

The way this works is that your browser downloads a file or page, then 
passes it off to the appropriate application if it can't deal with it 
itself.  Since a stream never ends, it will never finish downloading, and 
even if it did eventually, you want to listen to it as it comes in, not 
afterwoods.  So that's why you use a playlist file like an .M3U or .PLS 
file.  This file gets downloaded and passed to your player, which opens it 
and sees where the stream is.  And the player then opens the stream and 
plays it.

> If the mountpoint is set to "radio", an error page is loaded into the
> browser: "The source you requested could not be found."

This means that there's no stream on that mount point.  If this is where 
you actually want it, you'll need to check your configurations to find out 
why it's not working.

> In this state, entering http://localhost:7000/radio.m3u lets me listen
> to the audio in xmms. But i notice the mountpoint must be named
> radio.mp3 for "*.pls" file to be used.

It shouldn't need to be.

Anyway, all this is a bit academic.  You want Shoutcast to be able to relay 
your stream.  Simply aliasing "/" to whatever your active mount point is 
should do the trick.


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