[Icecast] Help

Lennox Grant lennoxgrant at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 3 16:01:54 UTC 2005

Hello there,

I'm trying to figure out if this could be done, and if so, if it could be 
done with 1 IceCast2 servers running 1 config file.

I use the DJ program that's called Traktor DJ Studio 2.6. It has a built in 
feature that you can stream LIVE! to an IceCast2 server with it. All the 
metadata info from the tracks played and played can be seen in IceCast2 and 
the media player that the person is using to listen to the stream.

Here is where it gets a bit interest. The DJ can only stream in .ogg format. 
This is fine if you use a media player that supports .ogg, but unfortunately 
most users use Windows Media Player.

Ok here is my question.

Is it possible to for Icecast2 to take in (in .ogg format) whatever is 
playing from the DJ program and have it stream out as .mp3? and if so will 
all the Meta Data be intact or will it not show?

So it's like this:

DJ Program goes to  IceCast2
IceCast takes in that .ogg format from the DJ Program and converts it to 
Icecast does stream .ogg format but streams .mp3
User listens to stream in .mp3 format.

I feel that this will increase process power because it has to do 1 extra 
job of converting it to mp3 and stream it. That's it no prob.

If this could be done, could you please send me a complete copy of the 
config file and instructions on how to do it?



I already know how to use Icecast2 and have streamed from it before in .ogg 

Thanks again

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