[Icecast] problems with icecast/ices

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Fri Jun 3 14:58:46 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-06-03 at 15:42, Craig Meyer wrote:
> This is a very general email message. Please don't flame me on lack of 
> information. I don't often get a chance to get into the building where 
> this computer is located and unfortunately had turned logging off on the 
> icecast server to avoid it ever writing to disk.
> The problem:
> Simply put, I have an icecast server on Linux that uses ices that needs 
> to stream a signal 24/7 without interruptions. The client is a Windows 
> 98 machine that runs either Winamp 5 or Foobar2000 (I have tried both). 
> What happens is suddenly (inside of 24 hours) the client program stops 
> playing the stream and never reconnects without user intervention. 
> However, as soon as I press the play button the client reconnects to the 
> stream without issues. I am sure this is a problem with either the Linux 
> box or icecast/ices on it. Prior to working with the Linux/Icecast box I 
> used Shoutcast on Windows98 and didn't have this problem. Instead, I had 
> Windows 98 crashing once every 2 to 3 months. Anyway, I expect to go 
> onsite and look at the machine later today, when I do this I will turn 
> on logging and get a copy of the config files (although they are fairly 
> standard example files). What I am hoping for now is that someone is 
> failure with possible problem(s) that could cause this. If someone could 
> give me some idea of what to look for I appreciate it.

You are correct in thinking that this isn't a very helpful description.
Assuming you are talking about icecast 2.2 and which ices release? it's
not clear on how ices and winamp/foobar are being used together. Whether
ices stops streaming.  Some of this should become more clear when you
look at the logging.


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