[Icecast]client connections seems high

Joel Ebel jbebel at ncsu.edu
Thu Jan 13 10:19:08 PST 2005

I asked this questions before, but I think it got lost/ignored in all 
the traffic.  So I'm asking it again.

Why would my clients number always be 113 larger than my number of 
listeners?  It was right earlier today, but when I restarted the sources 
it increased by 113, and it has stayed that high since then.  I find it 
especially odd since I have clients set to 100 in icecast.xml, and this 
constantly exceeds it.

Where does this number come from, and what does it mean if it isn't the 
sum of the clients for each stream?  I know it should include static 
content as well, but I don't have 113 clients constantly downloading 
static content.  And why is it allowed to exceed my max clients anyway?

I actually asked another question too, but I think I'll ask one at a 
time this time so it's more likely to get noticed.


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