[Icecast]client connections seems high

paranoid paranoid at dds.nl
Thu Jan 13 13:54:23 PST 2005

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005, Joel Ebel wrote:

> it increased by 113, and it has stayed that high since then.  I find it
> especially odd since I have clients set to 100 in icecast.xml, and this
> constantly exceeds it.
> Where does this number come from, and what does it mean if it isn't the
> sum of the clients for each stream?  I know it should include static
> content as well, but I don't have 113 clients constantly downloading
> static content.  And why is it allowed to exceed my max clients anyway?

I think it 'remembers' all connections and keeps just incrementing that
number as new connections occure. See it as a counter for the total amount
of connections since the server was started. The true number of connected
clients can be extracted from the stats.xsl files in the servers admin

Frank Keijzers

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