[Icecast] Liveice startup error message..

mlmeber ml at imux.net
Tue Jan 4 17:56:16 PST 2005

Brendan Cully wrote:

> On Tuesday, 28 December 2004 at 22:37, M T wrote:
>>I have been trying to use liveice with icecast to stream live audio. I am 
>>getting an error message that I can't seem to find an answer to. FIrst of 
>>all, I start Icecast (Version 2.2.0) and it seems to come up fine.Then I 
>>start liveice, and I get the following error message:
>>liveice -c /usr/local/bin/liveice.conf
>>Initialising Soundcard
>>16Bit 22050Hz
>>opening connection to localhost 8000
>>Attempting to Contact Server
>>connection successful: forking process
>>server didn't send OK response
> ...
>> >>> liveice configuration file:
> ...
> ...
> This is most likely your problem. X_AUDIOCAST is the icecast 1
> protocol, and it's not supported in v2. I don't use liveice, so I
> don't know what you should replace it with - see the docs. My guess
> is something like HTTP_LOGIN.

It is HTTP_LOGON and you need the latest version from http://liveice.sf.net/

Liveice Project

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