[Icecast] range support / stream seeking not supported by Winamp 5 and WMP 10?

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Tue Jan 4 06:27:48 PST 2005

At 07:53 AM 1/4/2005, you wrote:
>I was just checking out icecast-2.2.0. You guys have done a great job yet
>I was interested in the range support / stream seeking on static files,
>since that would be a really useful feature for my clients.
>Range support / stream seeking seems to work with RealPlayer v10, but not
>with Winamp 5 or Windows Media Player 10.
>Does anyone else have this experience? Is there a way to make it work in
>those two players also?

hrmm..It works for me using winamp 5.05 and WMP 10.  What type of file are 
you testing with ?  The winamp plugin doesn't work perfectly in some cases 
(it gets a bit confused sometimes with VBR files), WMP 10 works perfectly 
however.  Do you get a seek bar in winamp/WMP when playing on demand 
(static files) ?


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