[Icecast] Synchronous playback on multiple clients

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Tue Jan 4 07:12:00 PST 2005


This question gets asked every few months or so.

The short answer is no.  Icecast's HTTP streaming is not really designed 
for this, it simply goes from start to end as it gets it.

Having said that, it should be possible in theory to use the ogg layer and 
some synchronising code to keep players in step with each other, but I've 
not heard of anyone doing this.  Note that I'm not a developer, I'm just 
thinking about the kinds of things the ogg layer offers and I'd think that 
the time offsets available would make this possible.  But all the decoders 
would have to be able to sync to a master decoder so that they could keep 
in step with it.

Of course the real simple answer to this would be to have only one decoder 
and run audio cables or use a transmitter to get the sound to the various 


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