[Icecast] Question about range select for static file serve in icecast

Iceuse - Kris iceuse at wwlang.net
Mon Feb 14 10:18:36 PST 2005

I modified my player so now, it downloads the file until a valid ogg 
header is found (given a limit, to avoid fetching the wall file for 
Then, it plays. Works great.

This means my stream MUST have headers every 5 minutes for example. I'll 
add dummy comments (with time for example) for that, as a new header is 
inserted for comments.


>Yes, if you're doing this with vorbis data, this will be insufficient.
>You'll have to do multiple requests, get the headers, etc.
>Using icecast for this purpose isn't particularly sensible - it's not
>designed to be a highly efficient complete web server, and the file
>serving is very limited.

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