[Icecast] icecast stats

Ian A. Underwood agentgrn at dcne.net
Mon Feb 14 09:58:56 PST 2005

lluis wrote:
> i need to access the info of the files 
> /admin/stats.xsl
> /admin/listmounts.xsl
> /admin/listclients.xsl
> from a remote machine and i don't want to send every time the admin passwd ...
> there is any way to make this info visible in the public /status.xsl page or 
> in any other ??? 

All the admin functions sit behind the admin PW, and there's no way that 
I've found to separate them, but I had a similar issue.

I wanted to let other people monitor the connection stats and such of 
the stream without giving out the PW.  I run a cron job on a remote 
machine that gets the stats file every minute (the stats prog we use 
needs the stats.xml file) with the admin UN/PW, and everyone then gets 
the stats from my remote box without needing the admin PW or having 
access to the admin functions.


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