[Icecast] Resampling Question

Jim Kehoe aszure42 at bellsouth.net
Sun Feb 13 13:38:54 PST 2005

I am some what of a newbie at icecast administration, however, I have 
looked over many docs, and cant quite get what I can from a collective 
opinion of some experience.

I am part of an net radio station, and we want to be able to have an 
auto stream that can run if there isn't a live DJ. I have seen a few 
tools, and wanted to get an opinion of something that can be started and 
stopped very easily.

Additionally, if I can throw in another question. I wanted to know what 
was recommended to use to resample a stream. I am going to broadcast 1 
stream and was wondering how it could be resampled to there would be a 
lower bit rate stream available without the DJ having to send the low 
band stream himself.

Thanks in advance,

Jim Kehoe

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