[Icecast] Icecast Newbie Questions

Anton Krall akrall-lists at intruder.com.mx
Sat Feb 12 08:14:02 PST 2005

Nice! Im running linux... So ices for the backup streams and resampled to a
lower bps.... Now I just need to figure out how to limit the bps of the live
source... Maybe using 2 icecast and streamtranscoder right? 

Ice 1 (private ice) -> transcoder -> ice 2 (public ice)

How does that sound?

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Anton Krall wrote:

> So we need to resample them first? Any live resamplers?

If you're running on *nix, you could use Ices 0.4 to provide your backup
stream.  It has the ability to reencode if desired.


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