[Icecast] Limiting mountpoints

Dennis Speekenbrink d.g.speekenbrink at silverstreak.nl
Sun Feb 6 06:16:53 PST 2005

Hi List,

I'm pretty new to IceCast and I've got a question,

Is it possible to limit the amount and types of streams (mountpoints) a 
user creates?

I've got several users (say 10), that I want to be able to stream 
through my server.  But to limit the bandwith costs I'd like to limit 
the amount of data they stream.
- The mount specific options will allow me to 'reserve' specific 
mountpoints for each user (by way of user/password), but is there a 
directive that prevents them from creating a new mountpoint? (as they 
are created on-the-fly by default).  The only way I can easily see is 
launching a seperate server for each user and limiting the sources of 
each server to 1.
- Are there directives (either server-wide or mount-specific) that limit 
the type of stream (bitrate, encoding etc) that sources can supply?

I've checked the docs, and read through the last few months of 
maillinglist archive, but I couldn't find a reference to my questions.

Any help/tips are very much appreciated!


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