[Icecast] RealServer and Icecast

Greg J. Ogonowski greg at orban.com
Fri Feb 4 18:13:51 PST 2005

Icecast2 and Real/Helix Server can co-exist on the same computer provided 
there are no port conflicts, which by default, there are none.

I have a few test servers with this configuration working fine.


At 16:12 2005-02-04, Michael LaBash wrote:
>I now this may be a touchy subject, but I'll preface by saying that I'm 
>trying to get away from Real Networks. Now that video is becoming a 
>reality with Icecast, I want to make a slow transition from using 
>RealServer to using Icecast. I have 20GBs of video content in Real format 
>so I need to keep using the RealServer, but I want to start running the 
>live audio stream with Icecast. Has anyone ever tried running RealServer 
>and Icecast on the same server at the same time?
>Here are my server specs:
>Memory : 1GB DDR RAM
>Hard Drive 1 : 40GB EIDE Processor : (US Only) Single AMD Athlon XP 2200+ 
>1.8 GHz
>Operating System : Windows 2000
>Thanks to all.
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