[Icecast] Limiting mountpoints

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Sun Feb 6 06:12:34 PST 2005

Dennis Speekenbrink wrote:

> I've got several users (say 10), that I want to be able to stream through my 
> server.  But to limit the bandwith costs I'd like to limit the amount of data 
> they stream.
> - The mount specific options will allow me to 'reserve' specific mountpoints 
> for each user (by way of user/password), but is there a directive that 
> prevents them from creating a new mountpoint? (as they are created on-the-fly 
> by default).  The only way I can easily see is launching a seperate server 
> for each user and limiting the sources of each server to 1.

Well, if you create a specific mount section for each user, with its own 
password (and username if their streamer supports that), the only way they 
can create any other mountpoints is if they know the global source 
password.  So if you keep that to yourself and make sure each user has 
their own password, they should all be limited to the one mountpoint for 
which they have the correct password.

> - Are there directives (either server-wide or mount-specific) that limit the 
> type of stream (bitrate, encoding etc) that sources can supply?

No.  I've seen places like mediacast which charge according to these specs, 
but don't know how they enforce it (maybe someone from there is on the 


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