[Icecast] Question about relays, mountpoints and fallback

Frits Letteboer graver at graver.xs4all.nl
Sat Feb 5 04:02:01 PST 2005


I'm trying to make the following situation work:

We have a jukebox (/jukebox.ogg) and live DJs (/live.ogg). The jukebox 
should be the active stream when no DJ is connected and also the 
fallback if the DJs connection should drop.

However, when a DJ is connected, one should not be able to listen to the 
jukebox correctly. So there would be 1 effective stream as a result. 
(Users are always linked to /live.ogg, but the jukebox will also show up 
in the YP-directories when a DJ is connected, so both streams are visible)

This is the relevant part from the icecast config:


In this sit

Can I pull this off with icecast?

Thanks in advance.

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