[Icecast] Stream drops during handoff. Suggestions?

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Thu Feb 3 11:21:50 PST 2005

On Thu, 2005-02-03 at 17:44, Ian A. Underwood wrote:

> An Internet radio station I DJ for is using Shoutcast and MP3, but we 
> are considering moving to an Icecast/Ogg Vorbis combination instead.  We 
> work in 3-hour shifts.  When we hand off, the DJ on-stream stops teh 
> encoder, shouts "go" on IRC, and the DJ in line starts his encoder.
> However, one thing I'm finding in my testing is that during a simulated 
> handoff on a test server, stream listeners are disconnected.  The only 
> workaround I've found for this is to run a near-silent failover stream 
> which fills in the blank spot until the main encoder is re-started.
> Is this solution the only way to go about preserving the stream between 
> shows?  Is it possible to store a short vorbis file on the server which 
> can provide the silence instead of running a backup stream to it?  Is 
> there something I totally missed?

To prevent dropping listeners when a stream stops you have to send them
to some other mountpoint. As already suggested, the current mechanism
would involve playing a prerecorded file via something like ezstream and
move listeners to that mountpoint on exit and moving them back off it
when the next source connects.

One solution is to have the following

/backup.ogg      fed from ezstream
/live.ogg        external mountpoint for listeners, local relay
/dj1.ogg         DJ 1 mountpoint
/dj2.ogg         DJ 2 mountpoint

/live.ogg starts as a relay of /backup.ogg

/dj1.ogg  fallback-override 1, fallback-mount /backup.ogg
/dj2.ogg  fallback-override 1, fallback-mount /backup.ogg

DJ 1 connects, relay takes stream from here now
DJ 1 disconnects, relay takes stream from /backup.ogg

listeners will always be on /live.ogg

I do have some work in my branch for fallback to file, that seems to
work as you would expect from a fallback to mountpoint. Feel free to
test it if you want.  For such cases I guess you would have a /live.ogg
which would fallback to file and have DJs connecting with mountpoint


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