[Icecast] Problem with Metatag update

Mathias Berger mberger.tks2001 at fh-salzburg.ac.at
Wed Feb 23 04:12:48 PST 2005


first of all, thank you all.
The new Icecast version works very well and the new features are great!

But I have some troubles with the metatag update via the admininterface. 
Basically everything works fine, but only WinAmp is displaying the 
titles correct. Windows Media Player isn't displaying them at all, XMMS 
only displays them when the ID3 tag changes for about 3 seconds and 
iTunes, well, it depends. On some computers iTunes diplays the titles on 
others it doesn't.

Is this a general problem or am I doing something wrong ?
I am using wget to update the metadata:
wget -q --output-document=/dev/null --http-user=user --http-passwd=pwd 

Thanks for your help,


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