[Icecast] looking for blind win32 users

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Wed Aug 24 05:41:34 UTC 2005

At 11:05 PM 8/23/2005, you wrote:

>Now I know Oddcast is not one of the standard Ogg tools, but I thought I
>would take this opportunity to mention that it is almost unusable by
>blind users.  I believe v3 is much better than v2 since it uses standard
>Windows controls, but it is impossible to tab to the encoder list and
>load an encoder configuration.  If a user manages to click in the
>encoder list and presses enter on a highlighted encoder, the whole
>window closes.  This should work the same as double-click.
>These 2 issues should be a simple fix so hopefully Oddsock can have a
>look at it.

fixed and released 3.0.10 (http://www.oddsock.org/tools/oddcastv3).  And 
here I thought I had made a pretty darn accessible win32 app... I tend not 
to get too many reports from blind users (and I know there are quite a few 
out there in the broadcasting industry)...I guess I figured that "no 
reports" meant things were good....

p.s. and to answer Jack's question, yes, it's all about using standard 
windows controls, no bitmapped controls, and having keyboard accelerators 
for everything (oddcast doesn't do a good job at this).  Naming the 
controls I believe is also significant (although I cannot confirm this 
since I don't have a screen-reader myself).  It's important to not name 
your controls IDC_BUTTON1, etc. and to make sure you have static text 
fields describing the fields juxtaposed with the fields they refer to....


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