[Icecast] looking for blind win32 users

Ross Levis ross at stationplaylist.com
Wed Aug 24 04:05:41 UTC 2005

I'm not blind but I write commercial broadcasting win32 software that a 
lot of blind users like and use, because it uses standard Windows 
controls; I always make sure everything can be done using keyboard 
shortcuts; and navigation is possible using tab.

Now I know Oddcast is not one of the standard Ogg tools, but I thought I 
would take this opportunity to mention that it is almost unusable by 
blind users.  I believe v3 is much better than v2 since it uses standard 
Windows controls, but it is impossible to tab to the encoder list and 
load an encoder configuration.  If a user manages to click in the 
encoder list and presses enter on a highlighted encoder, the whole 
window closes.  This should work the same as double-click.

These 2 issues should be a simple fix so hopefully Oddsock can have a 
look at it.


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Hello all,

Sorry to post this here, but I am pretty sure there are a few blind
win32 users who frequent the list.

I'm looking for a blind win32 user or someone visually impaired enough
to depend on assistive technology to use applications.  I am doing
research related to win32 development and assistive technologies.
Essentially I'm trying to make sure a new application will be usable by
the differently abled.

Please contact me offlist if you are interested in helping.

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