AW: [Icecast] id3-tags of static files

Michael Kamleitner michael.kamleitner at
Mon Aug 15 10:42:42 UTC 2005

thx oddsock for your detailed reply, I think I now understand the problem :)

I'm currently using a php-script (mp3 toolbox - to stream static mp3's on-demand,
and this script obviously sends the icy-headers (which are the shoutcast
metadata protocol, right?).

however, I think that it would be a nice feature for icecast to support
these icy-headers, is this planned for future releases, or do you think it
would be hard to hack this together?


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> The protocol of sending of metadata over a stream (which is 
> HTTP) does not 
> allow for this type of thing.  The problem is not necessarily 
> the fact that 
> the id3 tags are at the end of the files, as id3v2 does not have this 
> restriction, but rather just the "agreed" upon protocol for handling 
> metadata for streamed mp3s (and I'm only going to talk about 
> mp3s here, 
> since it's different for other media).  For mp3 streaming, 
> there is only 
> ONE metadata protocol that is adopted by the majority of 
> players.  This is 
> the one referred to as the "Shoutcast Metadata Protocol" 
> (google will tell 
> you more about this).  The Shoutcast Metadata Protocol does 
> not use id3 
> tags at all, nor does it use id3v2.  So if you forced icecast 
> (or most 
> likely your source client) to send id3 tags over the stream, 
> they would be 
> sent to the client player and the client player would not know how to 
> handle them (the code that handles the streaming of mp3s is 
> different than 
> the one that handles local files).
> oddsock
> At 01:52 PM 8/14/2005, you wrote:
> >hi,
> >
> >this issue has probably been discussed before, but I'm 
> wondering if there is
> >any way to let icecast send the id3-tags when serving static 
> files. I'm
> >afraid that the problem is the layout of mp3-files, where 
> the id3tags are
> >located at the very end of the files...
> >
> >is there any workaround?
> >
> >thx in advance,
> >
> >mike
> >
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