AW: [Icecast] id3-tags of static files

oddsock oddsock at
Tue Aug 16 02:32:26 UTC 2005

At 05:42 AM 8/15/2005, Michael Kamleitner wrote:
>thx oddsock for your detailed reply, I think I now understand the problem :)
>I'm currently using a php-script (mp3 toolbox -
> to stream static mp3's on-demand,
>and this script obviously sends the icy-headers (which are the shoutcast
>metadata protocol, right?).

sort of...the icy-headers are required by the shoutcast metadata protocol, 
but there is more to it besides just the headers...  Either way, Icecast 
does send icy/ice headers for all connecting clients, AND icecast also 
supports the Shoutcast Metadata Protocol for mp3 streams.  You might want 
to read through the icecast documentation as it does mention this....


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