[Icecast] id3-tags of static files

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Mon Aug 15 03:42:32 UTC 2005

The protocol of sending of metadata over a stream (which is HTTP) does not 
allow for this type of thing.  The problem is not necessarily the fact that 
the id3 tags are at the end of the files, as id3v2 does not have this 
restriction, but rather just the "agreed" upon protocol for handling 
metadata for streamed mp3s (and I'm only going to talk about mp3s here, 
since it's different for other media).  For mp3 streaming, there is only 
ONE metadata protocol that is adopted by the majority of players.  This is 
the one referred to as the "Shoutcast Metadata Protocol" (google will tell 
you more about this).  The Shoutcast Metadata Protocol does not use id3 
tags at all, nor does it use id3v2.  So if you forced icecast (or most 
likely your source client) to send id3 tags over the stream, they would be 
sent to the client player and the client player would not know how to 
handle them (the code that handles the streaming of mp3s is different than 
the one that handles local files).

At 01:52 PM 8/14/2005, you wrote:
>this issue has probably been discussed before, but I'm wondering if there is
>any way to let icecast send the id3-tags when serving static files. I'm
>afraid that the problem is the layout of mp3-files, where the id3tags are
>located at the very end of the files...
>is there any workaround?
>thx in advance,
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