[Icecast] Linking streaming mp3 on the web

ml ml at imux.net
Fri Apr 15 03:11:49 UTC 2005

Mark Ketcham wrote:
> I have a redhat 9 box with darkice installed and a
> freeBSD 5.3 box running icecast.  Both boxes are up
> and running and the mp3 stream is working great.  The
> only problem i'm having is figuring out a way to link
> the mp3 stream on my webpage that will allow users to
> easily click on a link and have their media player
> open.  I can open my media player, go to the open URL
> dialog and enter my URL, but this is way too
> complicated for the average user.  With a standard
> .mp3 link most browsers will open the "save" or "open"
> dialog which is still more complicated than i'd like. 
> Do you have any suggestions, or am I asking in the
> wrong list?
> Thank you,
> Mark
> o0sapien0o at yahoo dot com

As long as this is icecast2, just add a .m3u to the end of the URL.


and icecast will do the rest.

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