[Icecast] Using alias to relay Icecast2 to shoutcast problems

Andy t at homegrownsounds.co.uk
Mon Apr 4 18:27:10 UTC 2005

Hi all

I wondered if anyone was succesful in doing this? I found some information on using alias's to patch a stream through to a different port ie:

<alias port="8002" source="/" dest="/nfa2.m3u"/>

However this does not appear to work properly. If I type the url into a browser, this then opens up and plays as it should in winamp, however if I type it directly into the winamp play url box, I get "Error syncing to mpeg" and Shoutcast is not receiving the stream either, it displays stream 0kbs and then times out after 30 secs and disconnects.

I have also tried using Ices 0.4 straight into Shoutcast without success, I have a similar problem, even though I have selected icy as the protocol and the address,port and password are correct.

Andy help on this matter would be greatly appreciated, I have seen plenty of forum posts where people are doing both of these things successfully, but no sample configs or help.

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