[Icecast] Using alias to relay Icecast2 to shoutcast problems

Geoff Shang geoff at hitsandpieces.net
Tue Apr 5 00:53:28 UTC 2005

Andy wrote:

> <alias port="8002" source="/" dest="/nfa2.m3u"/>

I'm assuming the mountpoint is actually /nfa2 and not /nfa2.m3u.  This is 
what you should be pointing at.  Winamp and Shoutcast are expecting an MP3 
stream and aren't getting one.

> If I type the url into a browser, this then opens up and plays as it 
> should in winamp,

This backs up my theory.

> I have also tried using Ices 0.4 straight into Shoutcast without success, 
> I have a similar problem, even though I have selected icy as the protocol 
> and the address,port and password are correct.

Shoutcast actually accepts source connections on listenport+1, but you 
should still enter listenport into your ices config.  Not sure what else to 


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