[Icecast] using icecast in chroot mode with YP

ACiDAngel list-icecast at rewtbox.de
Thu Sep 16 16:10:08 PDT 2004


Klaas Jan Wierenga wrote:

> I'm not using yp directory listings, but I can guess why it 
> is not working.
> You're probably missing the libcurl.so library in your chroot 
> jail directories. Here's the listing of files I have in the 
> chroot jail:

Definitely not, I rebuilt the whole lib structure i got from ldd in my
But i always get : 

[2004-09-16  23:15:04] EROR yp/yp_submit_url Got a NAK from yp_add(Unknown)

If I switch chroot off everything works fine without any more changes.

All libs from "ldd icecast" are in the chroot-root in there right path's

At first I also thought it is a lib-problem - but I think it cant be a
libraries problem because I already straced the icecast process with all its
childs for libcalls and there's nothing I can see that fails ...
Can anyone reproduce that ? Is it a bug ?


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