[Icecast] SOURCE access logging in 2.1-trunk breaks webalizer (streaming version)

Klaas Jan Wierenga k.j.wierenga at home.nl
Tue Sep 14 04:09:40 PDT 2004


I am using Webalizer (streaming version) to process the Icecast access logs.

In Icecast version 2.0.1 the "SOURCE /<mount>" access log entries would contain the amount of data transferred for the source.
The svn-2.1-trunk version always return 17 as the amount of bytes sent for the source, the number of seconds at the end of the log line is correct, however webalizer uses the bytes transferred to calculate it's statistics.

In other words the sent_bytes statistics on source connections is not updated anymore. I can see why one would do this, since the source data is not sent but received, but I still think it would be better to log the amount of source data transferred in the access.log. You could rename the sent_bytes field in connection.h to transferred_bytes.

Klaas Jan

k.j.wierenga at audioserver.nl

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