[Icecast] Tip: using icecast in chroot mode may break timestamp in access.log

Klaas Jan Wierenga k.j.wierenga at home.nl
Tue Sep 14 04:56:48 PDT 2004

Hi all,

Just thought I'd share this little bit of information.

If you're running Icecast in a chroot jail the timestamps in the access.log file will almost certainly be in UTC times. If you want local timezone timestamps you need to make sure the file /etc/localtime is in <chrootdir>/etc/localtime.

If you use a different timezone settings (generated using tzselect for example). You may need to copy the appropriate files from /usr/share/zoneinfo to your chroot basedir.

Just thought I'd share this with you folk, since it took me about an hour to figure it out.

Klaas Jan

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