[Icecast] Questions on setting up icecast

EvilOverlord eviloverlord at imux.net
Tue Sep 14 02:14:18 PDT 2004

JLB wrote:
> Sorry, gang. The FAQ didn't seem to answer me, nor did Googling...
> I merely want a simple solution to do the following:
> I am setting up a streaming server for in-house use.
> I want it to broadcast the RAW MP3 DATA from my actual MP3 files, as I
> listen to them in xmms.
> In other words, I DO NOT want:
> XMMS ---> decode to wave ---> re-encode to MP3 ---> icecast ---> listeners
> I want:
> XMMS ---> icecast ---> listeners
> Surely this is do-able using a VBR stream? In other words, I DO NOT want
> my MP3s to be decoded, then re-encoded, then sent over the network (the
> re-encoding, of course, introducing further lossiness). I want the actual
> raw MP3 frames to be sent as a VBR stream to the listeners. I want the MP3
> to sound PRECISELY as good on the listening machine as on my machine.
> Surely this is do-able?


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