[Icecast] a few questions

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Thu Oct 21 01:10:51 UTC 2004

On Thursday 21 October 2004 05:36, Richard Morey wrote:
> I have just gotten a stream working and it is very cool. I am using
> ices0.4 to stream mp3s to icecast2 under redhat 9. I have a couple of
> questions, though:
> 1. No files are being written to the admin directory. It is successfully
> writing the access and error logs and the pid file. The path is correct
> in the icecast.xml file. The user has write access to the admin
> directory. Do I need to turn something on?

No, icecast will never write anything to the admin directory. 

> 2. Also, no files are being written to the web directory. Same situation
> as above.

Why would it? Again, icecast won't write here.

The only places icecast will ever write to are:
  - the log files
  - the pid file (if configured)
  - stream dump files (if configured).

Sounds to me like everything is working correctly.

> 3. With ices0.4, is there any way to force ices to change the mp3 that
> it is playing while it is running in the background? I'd like to set up
> somekind of request system. Is there a script that does this?

Can't help you with this one, I don't use ices 0.4.


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